After harmonizing the global nomenclature for all-terrain cranes (AC) and lattice boom crawler cranes (CC) in autumn 2021, Tadano continues its OneTadano strategy by announcing a global harmonization of the nomenclature of its telescopic boom crawler cranes (GTC).

Aligned product naming for the GTC range

Tadano will begin to harmonize all its GTC crane model names worldwide by adapting to the nomenclature used in the American market. Accordingly, model names in the US will not change.

The following model nomenclature updates for products sold outside the American market will take place later this year.

• The Tadano GTC-350EX will change to GTC-350
• The Tadano GTC-500EX will change to GTC-550
• The Tadano GTC-600EX will change to GTC-700
• The Tadano GTC-800EX will change to GTC-900
• The Tadano GTC-1200EX will change to GTC-1300
• The Tadano GTC-1800EX will change to GTC-2000

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