Tadano is introducing the 75-ton AC 4.070-1 and AC 4.070L-1 upgraded four-axle all-terrain cranes with two boom lengths. These AT-cranes feature a new carrier cab, a multifunctional crane control system, and engines that conform to EU Stage V requirements.

These models supersede the popular ATF 70G-4 crane that was designed with a strong focus on versatile and comfortable operation.

As part of its reorganization efforts, Tadano will be standardizing the names of its mobile crane models throughout the year. The new AC 4.070(L)-1 adheres to the new naming conventions right out of the gate.

Above all: powerful performance characteristics

With a length of 171 ft, the six-section main boom outperforms the booms of other four-axle competitors in its class. At its full boom length, the crane can lift 12,786 lbs. The lifting capacity was especially improved further for steep main boom positions with small radii. A 144 ft main boom continues to be available as an option. With all this, Tadano sticks to its promise of offering its customers a powerful and versatile heavy-duty all-rounder that is nevertheless extremely compact.

Quality equipment for a quality crane

Customers who acquire the new AC 4.070(L)-1 also benefit from the enhanced characteristics of the latest carrier cab from Lauf and the identical superstructure controls using the AML-F crane control system. No sacrifices when it comes to equipment, quality, or versatility: That is the Tadano motto. And the main boom extension (HAV) with a length of 29.5 ft to 52.5 ft proves it. With manual or step-less hydraulic adjustment capabilities, it can be used at 0° to 40° to overcome an extremely wide variety of obstacles. In addition, the larger total lifting capacity continuously changes in line with all radii. An additional 5.9 ft runner can be mounted on the opposite side of the double swing-away jib on the boom.

Getting work done fast

The intuitive and precise AML-F crane control system makes it possible to achieve short setup times to get going quickly and ensures a high degree of flexibility when it comes to positioning the crane thanks to asymmetrical outrigger setting capabilities. The automatic lifting capacity selection function makes things much easier for crane operators. The crane selects the optimal extension sequence for each radius by itself. In addition, the Tadano Lift Adjuster provides greater convenience during lifting by reliably reducing load swinging during lifting and lowering – a very useful aid for all crane operators.

Light on the road

Thanks to the ability to flexibly subdivide its counterweight, the AC 4.070(L)-1 can be configured very precisely for an extremely wide variety of axle load limits. Without the main boom extension and with 9700 lbs of counterweight, the crane can comply with the eleven-ton axle load limit that is becoming increasingly more common. When staying under a thirteen-ton axle load limit instead, the crane can even travel with up to 26,900 lbs of counterweight. The range of axle load limits that can be complied with goes all the way up to 36,376 lbs so that the crane can travel on US roads, for example.

A state-of-the-art engine combination with a tried-and-true design

The AC 4.070(L)-1 benefits from a reliable and cost-effective two-engine design featuring the latest exhaust emission control technology in conformity with EU Stage V. Together with a ZF TraXon transmission, including rock-free and hill start assist functions, the maneuverable crane can handle even the tightest spaces and meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Tadano AC 4.070(L)-1 technical specifications

  • lifting capacity: 75 USt
  • Boom: 36.5 ft – 171.0 ft
  • Main boom extension: 5.9 ft /  29.5 ft – 52.5 ft
  • tip height: 233.0 ft
  • radius: 170.6 ft
  • Carrier engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA, 456 HP / 340 kW, EU Stage V
  • Superstructure engine: Mercedes-Benz OM 934 LA, 175 HP / 129 kW, EU Stage V
  • Transmission: ZF TraXon 12.1
  • Drive: 8 x 6 x 8 (8 x 8 x 8)
  • Dimensions

Length: 41.3 ft

Width: 8.5 ft

Height:12.7 ft

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