Vojenskè lesy a statky CR (VLS) has recently purchased three wheel loaders PL 195, through Manatech CZ S.r.o., the Palazzani Dealer for Czech Republic.

The state-owned forestry Company is based in Prague and it is engaged in forest management, hunting, as well as agriculture and fishing in military districts and former military training areas for over 40 years.

The unique territory under their management belongs to one of the best-forested areas on the continent and guests an important number of rare species of animals and plants. Thanks to their activity, these areas were spared from the bustle of civilisation for a long time.

The three wheel loaders are used for this area maintenance, mainly involved in lugs and sawdust handling. They mainly operate with wood grabs and buckets with higher unloading. Heated glasses and seats and the fuel pre-heating were chosen to face the particularly rigid winter temperatures. The machines are equipped with automatic greasing system, for an easier maintenance, and biodegradable oil, for the particular attention this company pays for the environment.

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