Based out of Salem, OR, Morrow Equipment Company, LLC (Morrow) recently purchased 27 tower cranes to add to their fleet at Liebherr USA, Co’s first Customer Day in May of 2022. Morrow has been using Liebherr products for over 40 years and serves as an exclusive distributor with a strong network of locations and over 320 employees across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Liebherr 125 K fast erecting crane.

Morrow’s established fleet is already equipped with over 560 cranes. Their most recent acquisition at Customer Day included multiple 340 EC-B flat tops, 470 EC-B flat top, 357 Luffing HCL, and 125 K fast-erecting cranes to be used for lifting materials such as concrete, steel, and lumber at various project sites. Each of these cranes is designed to suit the modern world, allowing multiple cranes to work optimally in tight spaces on industrial, commercial, and residential construction sites.

Flexibility and versatility

Liebherr cranes are designed for lifting and precise positioning of heavy loads. Each crane enables easy handling, high hook heights, and efficient operation.

The EC-B series flat-top cranes are characterized by their simple assembly, powerful handling drives, and flexible usage. The 470 EC-B 20 is the latest member of the “tough ones” family and provides a lifting capacity of up to 20 tons (22 USt).

Liebherr’s HC-L series cranes are generally used in the construction of skyscrapers. A major advantage of the luffing jib crane is that several cranes can be easily erected in a small space. These cranes also offer the horizontal load path function, allowing crane operators to concentrate on positioning loads without the need to manually readjust the height of the load when the system is activated.

The Liebherr 125 K combines the performance of a top-slewing crane with all the benefits and mobility of a fast-erecting crane. It is currently the largest fast-erecting crane on the market, and it was specifically developed for civil engineering needs such as housing developments as well as commercial and industrial building construction.

A trusted partnership

Having 50 years of experience, Morrow is an established leader in lift equipment specializing in tower crane leasing and sales, as well as support services including engineering, parts distribution and servicing.

“As part of our continued commitment to providing the best quality equipment available in the North American tower crane market, along with our long-term growth strategy, we are pleased to have worked with Liebherr to put this order together,“ noted Peter Juhren, President and COO of Morrow. “Liebherr has been a great partner for over four decades, and we continue to reinforce that relationship. We share the same passion for the best equipment, backed by Morrow’s local network of service locations, technicians, and over $23 million dollars in spare parts stocked locally. Our customers have to come to expect the same quality and service wherever their project may be.”

Ana Cabiedes – Liebherr USA, Co.4800 Chestnut Ave.Newport News, VA 23607 USA

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