The 77-ton USt (70-ton) lifting capacity 4 axle Grove GMK4070L All Terrain Mobile Crane boasts a strong load chart load and a telescopic boom of 197′ At its full 197 ft. with up to 256 ft. of maximum tip height with a two section 49′ swing-away jib.

“The Grove GMK4070L offers improved engineering design and adopts several latest technologies to deliver a new level of performance, operation, serviceability, and fuel efficiency,” said Andreas Cremer, vice president of product management for mobile cranes at Manitowoc. “It’s a crane that will be a true game changer, surprising many customers with just how much more a [7.7 ton] all-terrain crane can achieve.

Offering unmatched versatility, the GMK4070L gives owners a host of options for travel. At a configuration of 18 tons per axle, the crane can carry an impressive 19.6 tons of counterweight, just shy of its full 21-ton complement.

A Telma retarder packaged in the carrier design reduces the risk of overheating and overall wear and tear on the conventional service brake system. The frictionless, maintenance-free Telma braking system remains effective even after the engine is switched off, or when the gearbox is in neutral, ensuring full braking power is available, regardless of the crane’s speed.

Operators travel inside the new high-visibility carrier cab, which offers the best levels of protection in line with European ECE R29-3 regulations, ensuring exceptional security in a frontal impact, roof, and rear wall strength. Power for both the carrier and the superstructure comes from a single 320 kW (430 hp) Mercedes Benz OM470LA 6-cylinder diesel engine. Compliant with Euromot 5/Tier IV Final requirements, this clean, efficient engine is approved for use with HVO Diesel, for customers looking to further reduce their CO2 emissions or meet tight environmental job site requirements. The GMK4070L is one of the first Manitowoc cranes to offer the Grove CONNECT digital platform that provides owners with real-time access to fleet data.

Through Grove CONNECT, fleet managers can get instant insights into the crane’s performance with just a couple of taps on a screen. Service technicians are supported with remote, optimized troubleshooting, reducing the frequency of onsite trips and strengthening preventative maintenance programs.

The optional MAXbase feature helps users reduce setup time at the Jobsite and give them a wider choice of outrigger positions. With this option, the crane becomes an ideal choice for confined spaces or projects where obstacles are preventing set up in the preferred location. The productivity-enhancing MAXbase allows the crane’s four double hydraulically telescoping outriggers to be easily extended to a range of symmetric and asymmetric positions. This maximizes flexibility and enables lifting work to continue in less-than-ideal environments.

Also making life easier for the operator is Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS), which supports both setup and lifting. Using its Boom Configurator feature, the operator can select the optimal arrangement of the seven-section MEGAFORM boom with the TWIN-LOCK dual-pinning system.

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