Empire Crane Company ordered 15 new Magni Rotating Telehandlers to meet their customers’ needs on the East Coast and beyond.

The new models will be added to Empire’s rental fleet and will also be available for sale. The Magni models included in the order include seven RTH 6.30 SH‘s, three RTH 6.35 SH’s, three RTH 6.39 SH‘s, and two RTH 8.25 SH‘s.

Magni rotating telehandlers can be equipped with a variety of attachments, making them one of the most versatile units on a job site. All model telehandlers come standard with forks. Attachments include buckets, clamps, fork carriages, hooks, jibs, winches, platforms, reel handlers, tire handlers, glass handlers, woodcracker tree cutters.

Empire Crane CEO, Luke Lonergan, said, “We have nine Woodcracker tree cutters on order. They’ve proven themselves in the northeastern market. When paired with a Magni, they’re faster and safer than traditional tree-cutting methods.”

Empire Crane currently has more than 30 units in stock available for rent or purchase. “Our customers use one and they fall in love with the product,” Lonergan said. “They’re versatile, productive, and save contractors money.”

Contributor: Lift and Access

Production of Magni’s telescopic handlers started in January 2013. Thus began the development of the widest range of rotating telescopic handlers on the market, consisting of 16 models. There are also eight fixed, heavy-duty models and a new range of eleven fixed telehandlers. As a testimony to Magni’s success, in the last two years, Magni has created not only the two tallest rotating telescopic handler models in the world but also the model with the highest payload.

Italy was no longer enough and so six further branches have been set up: Magni TH France, Magni America, LLC., Magni Telescopic Handlers Uk Ltd., Magni Deutschland GmbH., Magni South Africa (PTY) Ltd. and Magni Asia Pacific Ptd. Ltd.



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