The front cab of a metro train in Rotterdam precariously landed on a sculpture of a whale’s tail after losing control through an elevated section of rail tracks.

Two large All Terrain Cranes from De Gier were brought in and working in tandem lifted clear the loose caboose from the artwork and safely lowered the crane to the ground.

After rigging the train with chains around the front and rear to support the lift in the morning the delicate crane lift lasted well into the night.  Riggers and Ironworkers also cut the train from another carriage and removed the wheels before the train was lowered slowly to the ground.

The train balanced on the whale’s tail 10 meters (33 feet) above after losing control and at the end of a train line in Spijkenisse, a town on the south side of Rotterdam.

Fortunately, the train was empty when it landed onto the sculpture and the driver miraculously escaped unhurt, thanks to the whale tail’s unlikely save.

De Gier Rotterdam specializes in the rental of mobile cranes, heavy and special transport, and industrial removals and are able to respond to all logistical needs of our clients, thus making the impossible lifts possible. With 75 years of experience, an efficient working method is guaranteed.

Customization and Service, at whatever high level, remains their goal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Source AP NEWS

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