ALL Crane purchased five additional Manitowoc crawler cranes, the 14000 series 3 and MLC300 VPC series 3 models — adding additional options to customers, flexibility to customize equipment based on application, and safer performance.

The ALL Family of Companies expanded their crawler crane fleet with five new Manitowoc cranes. The package includes all five cranes, an assortment of jibs, and boom attachments. In an attempt at reaching targeted customer markets, the company has chosen to purchase two Manitowoc 14000 series 3 and three MLC300 VPC series 3 crawler cranes.

Manitowoc worked closely with Rick Mikut, ALL Cranes’ crawler crane division manager, on upgrading the 220-ton capacity 14000 series 3. These adjustments included improving the cab and adding counterweights to increase its load chart when the boom is fully expanded — making it useful for setting grinders in bridgework.

The five new additions, plus the additional attachments purchased, will allow ALL Crane to provide customers with additional options based on preferability, while adding flexibility to further customize equipment based on specific applications.

ALL Crane purchases additional attachments:

  • MLC650 VPC wide boom attachments (two)
  • MLC300 VPC wide boom attachment
  • 14000 luffing jib
  • 999 luffing jib
  • MLC300 VPC-MAX attachment
  • MLC650 VPC-MAX attachment

The crawlers and attachments purchased will expand the company’s ability to work in infrastructure, industrial and plant maintenance. In addition, the wide boom attachments will aid in providing safer performance working in winds.

“In wind energy construction and repair, for example, the ability to operate safely even in an extra 5 miles per hour gives you an edge when you’re working up that high,” said Mikut.

Information provided by All Family of Companies and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.



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