Vallée, the Québec-based manufacturer, and designer of lift trucks and handling equipment, is pleased to announce the release of its latest Compact Series model, the 4DA10D Lift Truck. Specifically engineered for underground mining operations, it can handle heavier loads than any other deep mining vehicle in its size category.

Mining’s only lift truck this compact capable of handling 10,000 lb.

Compact enough to slip in and out of a mine shaft cage, articulated so it can snake and weave its way around confined spaces, equipped with four-wheel drive to handle rough uneven terrain, and yet surprisingly capable of handling ultra-heavy loads of 10,000 lb. for a lift truck its size, the 4DA10D represents the evolution of mobile underground mining equipment.

“There nothing like it on the market,” confirms Vallée CEO Frédéric Beaulieu. “Deep mining is all about working in tight spaces, so to have an articulated lift truck like the 4DA10D whose turning radius is so small it lets you operate in restricted environments is already a huge benefit. When you factor in that we also built it to hoist and carry up to 10,000 lb., and designed it so compact it can easily squeeze into mine shaft cages, we’re talking about a combined level of toughness, agility and lifting capacity unheard of before in the underground mining sector.” The 4DA10D’s overall length and width are 3.66 meters and 1.72 meters, respectively, and its exterior tuning radius is 3.86 meters.

A greener deep mining lift truck

The 4DA10D’s advanced electric circuit and zero-energy hydraulic system help reduce diesel consumption, which means lower emissions. The lift truck is also equipped with low-noise technology that diminishes transmitted vibrations and radiated sound. Finally, the cab is sealed to help maintain a clean, comfortable operating environment.

Trademark Vallée features that are still groundbreaking today

Like all Vallée lift trucks featuring the company’s trademark commitment to premium quality parts and robust construction, so they can work long hours in rough conditions, operating flexibility, comfort, and safety are front and center as well. Functions rarely seen on the market, such as leveling, enable the operator to shift the fork carriage side to side by 5 degrees to facilitate loading and unloading operations on uneven surfaces. Side shifting allows the operator to move the fork carriage farther left or right an extra 8 inches in either direction, making it possible to deposit a load without having to re- maneuver the entire lift truck into position. The full-view cab houses ergonomic controls and a color display monitor to help the operator maneuver comfortably and safely. Operator all-around visibility is measurably increased by the absence of channels in rear corners to eliminate blind spots.

“We’ve packed the 4DA10D with the versatility, agility, and functionality our customers have come to expect from Vallée, and we’ve done it in a compact design that allows this lift truck to boldly go where no standard lift trucks can, and do it like no other deep mining vehicle this size can, i.e. while lifting and carrying 10,000 lb.,” adds Beaulieu.

About Vallée

Vallée specializes in designing and manufacturing custom handling equipment and systems. We market our products all across Canada, and via our distributing partner Leavitt Machinery in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We also enjoy a sizeable corporate clientele in the USA. We innovate relentlessly so our customers can operate more productively. Vallée is proud to have been working alongside the mining industry for 25+ years, while providing articulated four wheel-drive lift trucks and attachments tailored to the needs of each customer since 1983.

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