Searching for a calm inspiring stay? There’s a port crane in a quiet and up-and-coming neighborhood in Amsterdam with amazing suites to get away from it all in style.

Look no further than Faralda Crane Hotel

We’d like to think we’ve seen it all when it comes to unconventional hotels, but there’s a new one that may leave your opinion up in the air. Literally. The Crane Hotel Faralda is exactly how it sounds: it’s a hotel suspended from a crane high above the ground. How high exactly? At the very lowest point, 114 feet.

This is the Netherlands’ second crane hotel. The first is located in Amsterdam and invites guests to bungee jump off the crane. Seriously. This new one is about an hour from the center of the country’s capital. What makes the Crane Hotel Faralda special is that you can book one of three luxury suites as high as 147 feet in the air.

“An unusual hotel you won’t believe actually exists“ (CNN)
The crane is a once in a lifetime experience
Your private 5-star suite on top of the highest monumental harbor crane
Faralda is Amsterdam’s best-kept secret
The most Romantic & Inspiring place to stay
The Faralda Club houses world-leading DJ’s, famous artists, Free Spirits, and Open-Minded people.

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