Introducing the new MTG Systems TwinMet, our new bucket protection system especially designed for hydraulic excavators over 350 tons, draglines and some electric rope shovel configurations, with buckets fitted with a cast lip.

The new MTG Systems TwinMet system features an innovative tooth-adapter hammerless locking system made up of 3 parts: the tooth, the intermediate adapter and the nose, which can be fused or welded to the lip.

In addition, the hammerless locking system tapered pin facilitates assembly and disassembly of the wear parts (G.E.T.), and its reinforced nose design offers greater robustness to the system and more resistance in areas of maximum stress.

The new TwinMet system also features a range of tips designed specifically to offer a high penetration capacity and self-sharpening. Moreover, it is a reversible system, allowing you to turn the pieces, if deemed necessary.

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