Unprecedented Multi Million dollar offering of NEW, DEMO and RENTAL Fleet from one of the largest Volvo Equipment Dealers in North America featuring as New as 2017 construction equipment including Articulated Haulers, Loaders, Graders, Rock Crushers, Excavators, Skid Steers, Compactors, Generators, Air compressors.

McAllister Equipment Co., an Illinois-based company founded in 1955 and one of the largest Volvo/Doosan equipment dealers in North America, will be auctioning a wide selection of Volvo and Doosan equipment, much of it new, lightly used and “like new” demo equipment. The assets will be available for a two-day webcast and onsite auction May 24 and 25.

The website and onsite auction will be conducted by Maynards, a leading player in global asset auctions, liquidations and asset valuation appraisal services since 1902, in conjunction with Miedema Auctioneering and Appraisal, and Biditup.

Assets include articulating haulers to 2013, excavators to 2015, rubber-tired loaders to 2015, telescoping forklifts to 2016, aggregate equipment to 2016, compactors to 2015 and light towers to 2016. Additional items include more than two dozen Doosan P185 compressors; a large selection of attachments and tools; shop equipment and a variety of service vehicles from McAllister’s five locations.


• (5) 2013 VOLVO A40F Tailgate, Bed Heat, Delayed Engine Stop, A/C, Radio
• (12) 2012 VOLVO A40F Tailgate, Exhaust Body Heat, Radio, Rear Camera, Delayed Engine Stop, A/C, Spill Guard
• (3) 2011 VOLVO A40F Air Conditioning, Radio w/CD Player, Overhung Tailgate, Air Suspension Operators Seat, Exhaust Body Heating, Front Spill-guard, Care Track Satellite, Delayed Engine Stop, Head Restraint
• 2005 VOLVO A40D Tailgate, Exhaust Body
• 2005 CAT 740 A/C, Overhung Tailgate

• 2012 VOLVO EC380DL Volvo Coupler 12′ 10″ Arm, Arm Wear Strip, 32″ TBG Pads, Mech. Suspension Seat w/Heat, 4 Switch Joystick, Climate Control Air Conditioning, Radio w/CD Player & MP3 Input, Sun Screen Front & Rear, Care Track Satellite, 2-Pump Double-Acting Hydraulic Piping, 2-Switch (On/Off, 2-Way), Pilot Control Pattern Change, Straight Pedal Travel, Boom Float, Cabin Entrance Platform
• (2) 2012 VOLVO EC300DL (Hendrix Dedicated) Hendrix 90mm Coupler, Picks Up Only EC290/300 Buckets. New Engine at 1,625 hrs., 12′ 2″ Arm, 32″ Pads, Cab Opening Hatch, Mechanical Seat w/Heta, CC Air Conditioner, Pilot Control Pattern Changer, Straight Pedal Travel, Hammer/Shear Piping w/2 Pump Flow. Rockland 12′ 2″ Arm, 32″ Pads, Cab Opening Hatch, Mechanical Seat w/ Heat, Air Conditioner, Pilot Control Pattern Changer, Straight Pedal Travel, Hammer/Shear Piping w/2 Pump Flow. Rockland Pin Grabber QC
• 2015 VOLVO EC220DL 11’6″ Arm, 32″ Pads, A/C, 2-Pump Double-Action Piping, Pattern Change Valve, U22FPL Quick Coupler
• (2) 2015 VOLVO EC145DL, 9’10” Arm, 24″ Pads, U14PFC Computer
• 2014 VOLVO EC145DL, 9’10” Arm, 24″ Pads, U14PFC Computer
• 2010 VOLVO EW180C Rubber Tired Geith QH80 Coupler, 8’6″ arm, Mono Boom, Hammer/Shear Piping (X1), 10.00-20 16pr Tires, Front & Rear Outriggers, Auto A/C, Care Track Satellite, Proportional Joystick
• 2014 VOLVO ECR 25D Mini, 10″ Pads

• (6) 2015 VOLVO L90G 20.5R25 B-Stone VJT L3, Block Htr, Rev Fan, Air Seat, A/C, Radio, Strg Knob, Armrest, Work Lights – Front, BSS, Care Track, Coupler, 3.5yd GP Bucket
• 2014 VOLVO L60G 20.5R25 B-Stone VJT L3, Blk Htr, Rev Fan, Air Seat, A/C, Radio, Strg Knob, Armrest, Work Lights Cab Front, BSS – Care Track, 2.7yd GP Bucket, Coupler NO 3V
• 2013 VOLVO L60G 20.5R25 Goodyear Tires, Eng. Block Heater, Care Track Satellite, Auto A/C, Steering Knob, Radio w/CD Player, Rotating Beacon, 3rd. Function Hyds., Hyd. Attachment Bracket, Boom Suspension, 98″ 2.7 cu. yd. Bucket w/ BOCE
• 2012 VOLVO L50GS 17.5R25 XHA Michelins, Air Cond. Sliding Window Left Door, Radio w/CD Player, Hyd. Attachment Bracket, 3rd Hydraulic Function, 2.1 cu. yd. 88″ Bucket. Air Suspension Operators Seat
• 2014 VOLVO L35GS High-Speed Option, 79″ GP Bucket, Block Heater, A/C, Radio, 3rd Function, Boom Suspension, Coupler
• 2012 VOLVO L250G 875/65R 29* L3 Bridgestone Tires, Full Mudguards, Engine Block Heater, Air Suspended Heated Seat, Radio w/CD Player, Steering Knob, Sunblind’s Rear Window, CDC, Boom Suspension, Re-handling Counterweight, 8.7 cu. yd Bucket w/Bolt-on Edge. Loadrite L2180

• 2016 KOLBERG-PIONEER FT 4250 Portable Impact Crusher Tier4 Final Requires DEF, 18′ Feeder Magnet, Conveyor, Side Delivery Conveyor (off Grizzly), Cat Power, 3 Bar Rotor, 6×12 Two Deck Screen, Dust Suppression, Aux Hyd Circuit
• 2014 KOLBERG-PIONEER FT 4250 Portable Impact Crusher 18′ Feeder, T3 Cat Engine, Magnet Belt, Side Del. Cnvyr, 2 Deck Screen, Dust Suppression, 3 Bar Rotor, Extra Cross Cnvyr Engine Type: Industrial / Machines Engine Model: C13 Engine S/N: RRA07557
• 2014 KOLBERG-PIONEER GT-125 Portable Crusher 26″x40″ Jaw Crusher, Hydraulic Adjust, Magnet Belt, T4i Cat Power, Dust Suppression, 16″ Pads, 14″ Pads, Side Delivery Conveyor
• 2008 KOLBERG-PIONEER 2500 Rockshelf Screen
• 2014 ASTEC 2516 KT 5’x16′ Double Deck Screen, 10 cu. yd. Hopper, Portable
• 2014 ASTEC 2512F Rock Sand Screen

• 2015 VOLVO MCT135C Deluxe Package, 450mm Wide Rubber Track, Block Heater, Reverse Fan, Cab HVAC, Pilot Control 7-way w/ Aux. Hyd., Radio, Road Kit w/A/C Right Hand, GP 2100mm Bucket w/ BOE
• 2014 VOLVO MC115C Deluxe Package,12×16.5 10PR HD Tires, Blk Htr, Rev Fan, Pilot Controls, Foot Throttle, Creep, Cab, BSS, Parallel Lift, Std Aux Hyd, Elec Att Bucket
• (2) 2015 VOLVO MC95C Deluxe Package, Blk Htr, Rev Fan, Tier4, Cab, Pilot Ctrl, Foot Throttle, Pattern Chgr, Creep, BSS, Parallel Lift, Std Aux Hyd, Electric Att. Bucket
• 2015 VOLVO MC85C Deluxe Package, 10×16.5 8PR HD Tires, Block Heater, Reversible Fan, Cab w/Heat & A/C, GP 1650mm Bucket w/BOE

• 2008 VOLVO BL70 92.5″ 1.3 cu. yd. Loader Bucket, Ext. Backhoe, Pilot Controls, 4 Wheel Drive, 120V Block Heater, Air Conditioning, Sun Visor, Arm Rests, Suspended Operators Seat, Tilt Steering Wheel, Front Work Lights, Rear Work Lights, Boom Suspension, Hammer Hyds., 1080 Add. Counterweight, Flip-over Forks
• 2007 VOLVO BL70 12.5/80-18 19.5Lx24 Tires. Hyd. Pilot Control System, Air Conditioning, 740 lb. Counterweight. 4WD Power-shuttle, Standard Backhoe. 92.5″ 1.0 cu. yd.

• LINKBELT RTC 8030 Rough Terrain, Cummins Power, General 20.5R25 Tires

• 2007 VOLVO G976 Low Profile Cab, A/C, 14′ Moldboard, Blade Lift Float Control, HD Circle Support System, High Capacity Alternator, Engine Block Heater, 17.5 Michelin Tires, 11-Speed Transmission, Cab-mounted Front & Rear Work lights, Amber Strobe Beacon, Radio w/CD Player. Opening Lower Front Windows, Lower Front Windshield Wipers and Washers, Rear Ripper/Scarifier, Sliding Side Windows, Front Push Block, Air Suspension Operators Seat

• 2014 VOLVO DD140HF8, HF8 Amplitude, Infrared Temp. Sensor, Strobe, Work Lights
• 2008 VOLVO DDD118HF Cummins QSB 4.5 Diesel Eng. 78″ Double Drum, OROP, Work Lights, High-speed Travel Option, Dual Independent Water Systems
• (2) 2008 VOLVO DD112HF 79″ Double Drum Asphalt Roller; Cummins Diesel; Work Lights; 27,670 lbs. Operating Weight
• 2014 VOLVO DD110B Std. Drum Wipers, HF Dual Amplitude, Std. Drum Spray Water Pump, Std Hood, FOPS, Back-up Alarm, Strobe, Work Lights, Cocoa Mats

• (4) 2012 DOOSAN LSC 60hz 4-Lamp Compact Light Tower, Kubota Diesel

• (4) 2014 BROCE KR-350, 8′ Polybrush, Kubota Eng., Front Brake, A/C

• 2013 DOOSAN HD 1600 HP1600WCU/IQ 1600cfm Compressor @ 150psi Cummins Engine
• 2015 DOOSAN XHP 1170 WCU-T4F 1,170cfm Compressor @ 350psi – Cummins Engine
• 2015 DOOSAN P425 HP375WCU-T4I 425cfm/100psi & 375cfm/150psi Compressor Cummins Engine
• (25) 2015 DOOSAN P 185 WDZ-T4F 185cfm Compressor @ 100psi – Doosan D24 Engine

• 2013 DOOSAN G570 WCU 570 KVA Generator
• 2012 DOOSAN G240 WCU 240 KVA Generator
• (2) 2014/13 DOOSAN G190 WCU 190 KVA Generator
• (2) 2013 DOOSAN G150 WCU 150 KVA Generator
• (2) 2014 DOOSAN G85 WCU-3A-T4I 85 KVA Generator
• (5) 2014 DOOSAN G70 WCU-3A-T4I 70 KVA Generator
• 2016 DOOSAN G25T 4I 35hp @ 1800rpm – SAE 4/7.5, G25 KV

• (2) 2016 SKYJACK SJ1056 TH Cab, Work/Boom Lights, 60″ Carriage, 48 Tines, Cold Weather Package Group, Rotating Beacon
• 2014 SKYJACK VR1056 E Cab, Work/Boom Lights, Side Tilt, 60″ Carriage, Block Heater, T4I
• 2014 SKYJACK VR843 E 8,000 lb. Telehandler, Cab, Carriage Tilt, Auxiliary Hydraulic, Block Heater, Forks
• 2014 SKYJACK VR642E Cab, T4i, Work/Boom Lights, Side Tilt, 60″ Carriage, Forks, Single Auxiliary Hydraulic, 13×24 Tires, Block Heater

• Breakers, Jacks, Hammers, Compressors, Drills and Chippers
• INGERSOLL-RAND Paving Breakers
• (3) JOHN HENRY 40 Rock Drills
• 2013 GORMANN RUPP 6″ Portable Pump

• (10) NPK/INGERSOLL-RAND Hydraulic Hammers – (2) NPK 6C, NPK G18, (2) NPK G, Volvo HP3200, Ingersoll Rand Hammers BCR 120 and BCRB 75/35 Hammers, Hydraulic Tampers, NPK Concrete Jaw Sets – M28G, K
• (OVER 200) ATTACHMENTS: Loader Bucket: 90mm Quick Coupler for EC250DL / 12,10″ and 9’5″ Arms / 100″-L70G / 98″ GP / L120 4.7 cu. yd. / L150 10.2 cu. yd. / L90G 3.5 yd. / (10) 59″ Fork Attachments / (4) 3-Section Material Handling Arms / Misc. Forks and Forklift / Skid Steer Booms, Forks and Attachments / Material Handler Buckets / Excavator Buckets: 48″ EC340 / 54″ EC340 / 72″ EC480 / (2) 24″ EC220 / 36″ and 54″ EC220 / 24″ and 36″ EC250 / (2) 54″ EC250 / (3) 36″ EC160 and 180 / (2) 30″ EC 340 and 380 / (25) Misc 24″ to 54″ Buckets

• 2008 FORD F-550 Roll/Back
• (2) 2007/06 FORD F-750 Lube Service Trucks
• 2007 HINO 165 Service Truck
• (5) 2013-07 FORD F-250 / 150 Pickups
• 2011 FORD Transit Service Van
• (2) Equipment Trailers


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