Maxim Crane Works is adding several Manitowoc cranes to its industry-leading fleet. The company has purchased 19 new cranes that come from the Grove rough-terrain and truck-mounted ranges, as well as the National Crane boom truck line. The Wilder, Kentucky-based company has long been a Manitowoc customer and relies on the manufacturer’s cranes for a variety of applications, particularly for large construction and petrochemical applications.

  • Maxim Crane Works has purchased 19 Grove and National Crane units.
  • Along with several new Manitowoc crawler cranes also ordered in 2018, the new additions to the company’s fleet comprise a mix of rough-terrain, truck-mounted and boom truck models.
  • The company chose the cranes for their quality and for Manitowoc’s superior service and support.

“A lifting company can only be as good as the tools it uses to complete the job. For years we have relied on Manitowoc, Grove and National Crane to deliver us cranes that offer superior quality and return on investment,” said Frank Bardonaro, chief operating officer of Maxim Crane Works. “We’re especially enthusiastic about the Grove GRT8100 and NBT55L models. It’s clear that these cranes are designed and built to not only be tougher than their predecessors but also reflect the needs of the current lifting market.”

Along with eight Grove GRT8100s, Maxim Crane Works will also take delivery of three Grove TMS9000-2 truck-mounted cranes and eight National Crane NBT55Ls. The GRT8100 features a 100 USt capacity and 154.3 ft boom. The TMS9000-2 has a 115 USt capacity and 169 ft boom. The NBT55L offers a 55 USt capacity and 151 ft boom. All three crane models were developed using the principles of The Manitowoc Way, which incorporates customer feedback into their design, with all three debuting over the last year and a half.

Maxim Crane Works has picked up several new cranes from Manitwooc in 2018. Manitowoc crawler cranes, for example, feature heavily in the company’s fleet. It took delivery of a Manitowoc MLC650 and a MLC300 earlier in the year, and will soon receive an additional MLC650 and MLC300. The company also is adding a Grove GMK6400 all-terrain crane before the year ends.

“Any day that you bring home new cranes is an exciting one, and we’re thrilled today to add so many new Manitowoc units to our fleet,” said Bryan Carlisle, CEO of Maxim Crane Works. “We know that these cranes come not only with great designs that have been built to the highest standards of quality, but that Manitowoc is going to provide us excellent service and support throughout their lifecycles.”

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