Maxim Crane Works this month purchased 15 large-capacity Tadano rough terrain cranes comprising a mix of GR-1000XLs, GR-1200XLs, and GR-1600XLs. The Tadano dealer, with an existing fleet of more than 2,500 cranes, decided to expand its fleet largely to meet the needs of the petrochemical industry.

“Tadano’s longer boom length, capacity, and reliability have historically corresponded to our customer needs,” said Frank Bardonaro, Maxim Crane’s chief operating officer. “We don’t make these decisions somewhere in a corporate office. Instead, we talk to our team in the field and they know the machines that will be best-suited to do the job.”

Maxim chose rough-terrain cranes to meet customer demand instead of comparable all-terrain cranes for this purchase. Next generation Tadano rough-terrain cranes have longer reaching booms and better load charts than many all-terrain cranes, Maxim said, with the added bonus of superior ability to work in close quarters. Rough-terrain cranes can also be more cost effective than an all-terrain crane because they only require one person to operate and often do not require multiple trucks for transport.

Improved transportability is key to Maxim’s investment in rough-terrain cranes. The petrochemical industry is booming presently, but that can change over time. As customer needs evolve, rough-terrain cranes can easily be moved to other regions across the country for infrastructure and commercial industry projects.

“We are very excited to continue our relationship with Maxim Crane and provide them the industry’s leading rough-terrain crane products,” said Bob Krause, regional business manager, Tadano America. “Our product reliability is proving to be a game-changer with the lowest owning and operating cost in the industry.”

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