To reduce the number of permits required to move heavy cranes around Queensland, the Department of Transport and Main Roads has reviewed the carrying capacity of 30 bridge and overpass structures across the state.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the deep dive would potentially save operators about 1062 permit applications over the next 12 months.

“Over the past few months my department has worked in partnership with the Crane Industry Council of Australia to make sure our assessment and permit system met the needs of the industry,” Bailey said.

“Cranes are unique in that they are relatively heavy for their length and impact some shorter bridges much more than other heavy vehicles, which has meant restrictions have been in place on some bridges.

“Through the technical investigation into the structural carrying capacity of the structures most used by the crane industry, we’ve identified a number of bridges where restrictions could be relaxed.

“Safety is absolutely paramount so rest assured these bridges will carry these cranes safely.”

Bailey said the 30 structures accounted for about 70 percent of the total crossings at restricted structures in the last six months.

He said nine structures could now be accessed without restriction for Category 1 cranes, with a further 14 no longer requiring single-trip permits for Category 2 cranes.

“These structures can now be accessed by the crane industry under their existing three-year permits, removing the need for the industry to apply for single-trip permits,” Bailey said.

“Not only will this make the lives of crane drivers much easier, but it will also reduce congestion in the permit processing system.

“We estimate crane operators will potentially save about 1062 permit applications over the next 12 months – a big win all around.”

Bailey said Transport and Main Roads would continue to work with the industry to ensure improvements to access are safe and sustainable.

For a full list of structures assessed and what this now means for operators, click on this link: New permit information.


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