Duffy Crane & Hauling, Inc. based in Denver, Colorado has added a Demag AC 220-5 all-terrain crane to their fleet. The Duffy team commissioned their new AT crane and has already rented the crane to perform several challenging lifting projects. The 5-axle crane is one of several Demag all-terrain cranes that the family-owned and operated company is currently running.

According to John Krane, director of crane operations at Duffy, “our team is thrilled with the way the new Demag AC 220-5 all-terrain crane has performed. It has been a great unit for us and our customers,” he said. “We’re committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers. This new model is fast and easy to transport, it rigs quickly and it can handle a wide range of lifts.”

Duffy’s new 245 US-ton (220 t) capacity Demag AC 220–5 all-terrain crane features the longest main boom in its class at 255.9 feet (78 m), which can be extended to a fully 324.8 feet (99 m) with boom extensions. It is designed with the Demag single-engine concept with an intelligent motor management system that helps reduce operational and maintenance costs. The crane also has all-axle steering, independent rear-axle steering and dynamic launch control for excellent maneuverability.

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