The first Nobu Hotel opened in 2013 as a boutique hotel within Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas. Now, there are more than 13 Nobu locations worldwide, with seven additional properties in development.

The Toronto location will fittingly be located on Mercer Street in the heart of the city’s Entertainment District. Nobu Toronto will feature 700 condos in two 47-story towers, a hotel, and a two-level restaurant.

To construct Nobu Toronto, Avenue Building Corporation deployed two new Raimondi LR273 luffing cranes.

“We decided to purchase two Raimondi LR273 luffing cranes for this project. The contractor, Madison Group, had strict requirements for this high profile and logistically challenging project,” said Jim Patullo, president of Avenue Building Corporation. “The site is located in an area of downtown Toronto that is surrounded by many other high-rise condos and hotels and swing rights are a major issue. The out-of-service boom angle was a major reason why we purchased this crane. The other factor in determining which crane to buy was the easy to use and simple design of the internal climbing system.”

Patullo noted another value add of the LR273, with a maximum lifting capacity of 18 tonnes, is that it ensures excellent performance when lifting concrete, steel, and formwork.

“The LR273 is a major asset, and we are extremely happy with our purchase as we have now purchased an additional four LR273s to bring our fleet of Raimondi to six cranes,” Patullo said.

With the first crane erected within a day in January 2019, and the second crane installed in June 2020, the two heavy lifters already completed the formation of the complex’s foundations and the six-level underground garage.

Currently working on the construction of the first two floors of the new development, the luffers are on site with a jib length of 40 meters at a freestanding height of 35 meters.

The Raimondi LR273 is a weight-optimized luffer ideal for clients requiring a machine that easy to assemble and that boasts an excellent load curve and big drum capacity. With its 2.9-tonne lifting capacity at a jib length clocking in at 60 meters, the luffer offers the highest tip load of a crane in its class.

The LR273 in its standard configuration can work in two, three, and four falls, while a single line extension will be offered as an optional add-on.

“This luffer is an excellent compromise between maximum load capacity and maximum tip load. Its parking radius is a major asset to clients working in congested and highly built-up areas,” said Eng. Mauro Masetti, chief commercial officer for Raimondi Cranes.

Introduced at Bauma in 2019, the crane’s main hoist comes in two versions, both with an optional emergency brake: 67 kW and 86 kW. A core characteristic, the luffing movement is delivered via a 75 kW motor, while end-users will appreciate the control and personalization of the inverter-driven slewing and counter-maneuver capability.

“We are proud to build on our existing relationship with the heritage European manufacturer by purchasing an additional machine for our fleet,” Patullo said.

Originally published by Equipment Journal


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